“Like all great ideas, it came to me while I was travelling. Actually, over a series of incredible trips, broken bags, a short stint working in the tourism industry and a whole load of outrage over cabin bag restrictions.”

This is CABINZERO’s story, as told by CEO Chief Travel Advisor, Neil.

It took three trips to India to finally crack bag-gate. Fed up of lugging giant, impractical bags around the world, I downsized to hand luggage – and never looked back. Sure, I had to make some compromises when it came to contents, but I knew I could buy anything I really needed on the road.

Without doubt, smaller = better when it came to buying a new travel backpack.

Travelling light was truly liberating. Plus, saving all that time at check-in meant extra time for a pre-flight beer!

Years spent island hopping in Asia and flying round the world on business trips had convinced me of the need to pack light. But why were other travellers still struggling through the airport with all their worldly possessions balanced on their back?

It was one of the bleakest moments in travelling history: the day the airlines set carry-on baggage restrictions. Paying to check in a bag? Faffing around with rulers and tape measures, comparing different airlines’ hand luggage rules? No, thank you.

The need for a practical, reliable cabin bag was greater than ever. My dream was simple – or so I thought. A lightweight backpack with zippers that actually locked, durable enough for the rigours of travelling and small enough to keep by my side.

But after scouring the shops in the UK and Asia, I quickly realised that an adventure-proof, cabin-sized backpack just didn’t exist. So I decided to make one myself.




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