Borggreven agenturen & distributie is your retail partner for fashion, travel and leather good products. This website gives you an impression of what we can offer to you as a retail partner or potential supplier. After years working in this business, we created a complementary brand portfolio of high standard suppliers we closely work together with.

If you are a (potential) retail partner, we invite you to visit our brand page to see what we can offer to your store. Each brand we represent has their own story, values and strategy for the Dutch retail market. If you are interested to become a partner of one of the brands we represent, we ask you to use the contact page and get in touch with us!

If you are a potential supplier, looking for a business partner who can help you develop the Dutch retail market, we are looking forward to get in touch. Although we are very happy with our current brand portfolio, the retail market is changing constantly and we strive to always offer the newest trends and brands to our retail partners.


Borggreven agenturen & distributie was founded in 2011, after growing up in a family business, owning several leather stores in The Netherlands. Owner Ronald decided not to join the family company, but started his own company, called Borggreven agenturen & distributie.

The first year, Hedgren and Exentri started the collaboration with Borggreven agenturen & distributie. Trough the years, also the other brands were added to the portfolio, named Cabinzero, Valigeria Roncato and Biba Barcelona.


Their vocation is to offer high-quality fashion bags and accessories at competitive prices while being environmentally responsible.

With timeless and functional designs inspired by the women and men around us.

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Visit their website: www.bibashops.com


Contemporary travel brand Cabinzero offers you backpacks, designed to use during your travels.

Cabin sized, zero hassle. Created to pack your bags as a normal suitcase, but with the weight of a backpack.

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Visit their website: www.cabinzero.com

Exentri wallets

The Norwegian invention Exentri was born in 1999, when the use of credit cards was on the rise, and two young Norwegians became aware of the growing demand for a modern wallet, custom tailored for this new way of use.

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Visit their website:


Hedgren is your one stop supplier for casual, quality and light weight products for your daily life. Started as a Belgian brand in Antwerp, they’ve conquered the world and sell their products world wide.

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Visit their website:

Valigeria Roncato

A family owned and operated company over three generations (founded 1970), from the affirmation of Italian fashion and design worldwide to the contemporary globalization. Passion for craft details, excellence in manufacturing and a continuous research on innovation are the leading values of a brand completely dedicated to the highest quality of its MADE IN ITALY creations.

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